Approach & Features

Personal finances may be complex but shouldn’t be complicated. We demystify personal finance and provide the information necessary for you to have insight and control of your financial life, plan effectively, and truly live your financial life with confidence.

Our approach is Comprehensive, Integrated, End-to-End, and built on professional services.

Dynamic Dashboard

Can I see my aggregated

data in one place?


The personalized dashboard updates with the most relevant real-time information. Track progress, gain insights, and extract detailed information on the latest transactions. 

Account Inventory

How do I keep track of everything I own and everything I owe?


Personal residence, loans, credit cards, cars, jewelry, rental property, artwork…who can keep track it of it all? Life Style Plan can. We help you take stock of everything you own and everything you owe, all in one place.

Net Worth

What’s my net worth and what does it include?


There are several methods used to calculate net worth. We’ll share with you the most common methods and you can choose the one that’s best for you.

Cash Flow Mapping

Where does my money come from? Where does it all go? How do I know?


You can probably answer the first question with ease. The second and third get a little more difficult, especially when you are trying to answer them accurately and in real-time. Life Style Plan puts the answers right in the palm of your hand.

Cash Flow Plan

How do I control my cashflow and make day-to-day decisions that are in line with my future financial goals?


Once you complete the steps in Cashflow Mapping you’re now ready to establish objectives that will help you reach your goals. Life Style Plan is a real-time decision support tool that provides the information you need to make day-to-day financial decisions with confidence.

Cash Flow Blueprint

How can I create a structure for simple, efficient and effective cashflow management?


You may have multiple bank accounts, credit cards, and income sources; bills that are received and paid by various methods and from various accounts; and several periodic transfers between accounts. Life Style Plan will help you to minimize the number of accounts you have, automate your cash receipts and cash disbursements, and optimize your cashflow logistics.

Investment Performance

How do I know how my investments are performing and what they’re worth to me?


There are many factors to consider when evaluating each of your individual investments, and how they compare to your other investments and investment options. Life Style Plan allows you to consider several investment performance indicators and provides you with tools to help you decide which investments are most valuable to you in relation to your current objectives and long-term goals.

Life Time Machine

How do my assets, debts, cashflow, investments and future financial plans work together?


Life Style Plan provides a future-casting tool to integrate every facet of your financial life on a single, dynamic screen.

Bill Pay & Monitor

We process one-time bills through mobile imaging interface and displays the status and attributes of all the bills being paid 

Secure Document Storage

Clients can access and upload documentation such as car title or tax documents