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Life Style Plan

Connecting Today's Financial Management

with Tomorrow's Financial Plans

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What We Do

You have a successful practice guiding your clients as they develop and meet their short and long- term financial goals.


However, you know that most of your clients are struggling with day-to-day financial management, and you would like to help them.


But how? The tools that you’re using don’t really focus on day-to-day, transaction level, financial management. 


This drives your clients to other tools and services to solve their immediate and pressing need for insight, control, and daily decision-making confidence. 


  • How would your practice benefit if you could help your clients relieve the stress, anxiety, and administrative burden of personal financial management? 


  • Would you develop longer-lasting, more meaningful and impactful client relationships? 


  • Would you attract and retain more clients because you are able to integrate day-to-day financial management with your suite of planning services? 


  • Would your AUM grow exponentially as your client base grows and because your clients are being better stewards of their finances and have more to invest in their future?

At Life Style Plan we believe that the answer to all of those questions is YES!


Contact Life Style Plan and let us show you how we do it.


Enabled by Technology - Curated by Professionals

Meet The Team

Nader Yassa

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Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Steve Gilman

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Chief Operating Officer

Kevin Osbeck

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