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Freeing you to live your financial life with confidence

More than twenty-five years ago, we started with a belief that although personal finances may be complex, they shouldn’t be complicated.


The challenge was to rethink how we look at personal finances, remove uncertainty, and provide a structure and service that lets you truly live your financial life with freedom.


LifeStylePlan is an environment that brings together every aspect of your personal finances and couples them with professional services. We deliver comprehensive, real-time information freeing you to make day-to-day financial decisions and future plans with confidence.

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What we do

Once you establish an account with LifeStylePlan we pull together your balances and past financial activities from all of your accounts. Our platform uses bank level security and we accommodate all economic facets of your life.

Working with powerful algorithms, our professional staff arranges your Balances, Income, Bills, Spending, Funds, and Transfers, and organizes them in one place in a proposed  Life-Style-Plan.

We work with you to make any necessary adjustments and continue to provide you with real-time, hands-on services letting you know exactly how you are doing down to the transaction level…. without you lifting a finger.

You are free to live your financial life with confidence

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"I feel like my household is running on auto-pilot.  Thanks to the whole team at LifeStylePlan for helping me control my future"

Sandy W.

Phoenix, AZ

"Wow!  This is really easy for me, I appreciate how simple the one-time onboarding process is"

David D.

Conway, AR

"I really love how the team goes above and beyond to help me understand the full picture"

Quinn S.

Atlanta, GA




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